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You may also join us October 30 at Ithaca College. The screening starts at 7PM. For more info, click here !

WestHam films asks: Cannes Oui?
Spring 2006 – The folks at WestHam films have taken it upon themselves to represent Screech at Cannes – yes, France. This, because they think the film is: “a hilarious horror spoof about two gorgeous babes chasing the “Decapitator”” – Wait! That’s true. And here we thought we had connes-ed them.

Screech Screens at Highways – Oct. 27-28, 2006 (scroll down to Oct. 27 listing) Catch us in Santa Monica this month at Highways, Inc. at the 18th Street Arts Center. Reservations – Call Highways: (310) 315-1459. Thursday and Friday 11 pm, $10.

New York Post September 24, 2005 – Secrets of a Scream Queen – featuring Debbie Rochon as seen in Screech!

Screech gets Honorable Mention at Shockerfest
2005! We didn’t win, but the screening went very well. People laughed at parts where they’ve never laughed before. I’m sorry. Not parts. “Stuff”. People laughed at stuff. Not like “body parts” or anything. Not like there’s all kinds of mayhem going on in this movie. Axes flying around and all. OK, maybe some parts.

SCREECH nominated for “Best Science Fiction Film” at Shockerfest!
Here’s the note from Shockerfest: This is a confirmation that your film, SCREECH OF THE DECAPITATED, has been selected for screening at the 2005 ShockerFest International Film Festival and will be eligible for the BLACK CAPE AWARD as best Science Fiction Feature film.

Apparently it’s our World Premiere there on Saturday night, September 24, 2005 at 7:00 PM! Go Screech!

Diana says: “Thanks to all of you for being a part of this film! (And thanks to those of you who weren’t, but have supported us anyway in our endeavors!) I asked the founder of the festival to create a new category for me, ‘BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS UNDERGOING HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY.” (He actually liked the idea, so now I fear I am in serious trouble at the awards ceremony……!)”

Note: Contrary to the news item below, Debbie Rochon will NOT be appearing at ShockerFest due to a commitment for Fangoria on the east coast.

Debbie Rochon added to ShockerFest 2005 Guest List
Scream Queen of the Decade, according to Draculina magazine, Debbie Rochon has been added to the guest list at the ShockerFest International Film Festival to be held in Modesto, California September 23-25, 2005. She joins an illustrious group of celebs including Brinke Stevens, Celeste Yarnall, Melanie McCullough, Sean O’Bannon, Mara Fox, special effects wizard Rick Gonzalez and more. Will you be there? For more information see the website at and click on the 2005 button. Screech wins Best Supporting Actress Award! Debbie Rochon won the Best Supporting Actress award for her inspired portrayal of Queen Macuzita in “Screech of the Decapitated” at the 2005 B-Movie Festival. Supaporn “Bette” Thienapirak was also nominated for best makeup FX! Awards were presented on April 10. We’re very honored by the award and the nominations. Congratulations to Debbie and Bette!

Pretty review by Superheidi

Film Talk Charles Cullen Screech Interview of Screech’s Producers! Screech listed under “Weird and Unusual”! What are the odds? Go there and rate the film! (warning, annoying flashing ads on their site. Close the ad quick! Click in upper left corner.)

Screech came to town! January 26, 2005 at CineSpace!
Were you there? Did you feel the steely axe?Queen Macuzita, a.k.a. Debbie Rochon was there! Tortillas were thrown.